Just wanted to give you an update on the race track renovation…

Nothing much has happened since mid- to late December.  The track has had more than ample rain to help settle and knit the materials, it was packed tight in December, and we have left it alone while this takes place and nature takes her due course. All of this is helpful and as planned.

The flip side of the “ample rain” issue is that with all of that, and the intermittent freezing temps in between those rains, our vendor that mills the race track cushion material has been unable to begin any of the process to get our cushion material manufactured. To all of you that are in the area this winter (which is almost everyone on here), this is certainly no surprise. Unfortunate…but no surprise.

At this point, I believe that a March 11 date to have a track for training is wholly unrealistic.  I see no way for this to happen.  The larger question, for which there is no answer, is when will we be able to get the cushion milled, delivered, and laid down.  Again, there’s no answer…other than as soon as we can get a break and they can begin making our cushion, deliver it, and we can lay it.

With that said, we still have no problem opening the facilities for horsemen to begin moving in on Saturday, March 9.  There will not be a track to train with on Monday, March 11 as planned…or frankly anytime close to that. Horsemen should be made aware of this ASAP so they can make alternate plans. Additionally, it would be pointless to guess when we may be able to have the track ready. Obviously, we’ll do our best, as it’s in all of our best interests to do so.

Horsemen can use the rental walkers if they come in, but there will be NO SHEDROWING of horses.  I want to repeat—NO SHEDROWING. This is a huge safety concern, as we have all discussed in the past, with some bad results here. Horsemen’s groups (HBPA and QHRAI), PLEASE let your members know this now so they can plan accordingly. There is no point in them moving in here if that is their training plan, or a part of their training plan—they should make alternate training accommodations elsewhere until our track is laid and we are ready to train properly.

When we are getting close to knowing a date that the track will be set for training (material is getting made, delivered, placed, etc.), we will be able to get word out to you so that your members can then begin a move-in plan or time line. We’ll keep a wide open line of communication going so that everyone knows what’s going on in real time.

I’m sorry to have to give you all this report, but we all well knew that this type of project is totally at the mercy of mother nature; and it’s pretty obvious that it just hasn’t gone very well from that perspective—we’re all living it. I understand there is potentially a few more inches of snow coming now again in the next few days, too. How fun. The good news is that we’re ready and in good shape for making the next move whenever the weather decides to cooperate.

So there you have it. Thank you all for your understanding, and stay tuned for any developments…I will keep you all apprised of any/all progress as we make it.

As always, call, text, email, or stop by with any questions, concerns, or clarifications needed—I’ll do my best to help. I’m at 317.401.0256 and [email protected]

Thanks all,